by Jennifer C. Gutierrez

The crowd, inside my head
strangely never runs out
of scavenger thoughts that walk like ants
dangling in line like threads
just like this...................(ants)
and sporadic ideas
of erupting passion
dances without a song
teasing me for a chase
but im staying here
as I draw a portrait
of liquid images
me, swiftly sailing
in an ocean of light
that illuminates the broken bulbs
kept in the locked neurals
not too much and its like
Olber's, a many, but not enough
to patch the darkness in between
the deep spaces, only I knew
and yet words uttered
gets lost in the distance
like persisting drought
of sound in vacuum
wide and intertwined maybe
but yet, this secret universe
doesnt know what its like
to pulsate a human life
that''s adiabatic...

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