by Jennifer C. Gutierrez

On the flat sheet when things are so easy
You glide as if you can fly and lift off
from Abbott's romance such as this
those dreams ticking through time
were not from the same space where you lie

And you want to envelope me with kindness
and flatness

And you want to elope me to where?
in this vastness

Tip toeing on the edges
you lick the rim of my mind
and disagree more and more
reduce the ideas to discernable explanations
of the insane phenomenon
of the eclipses on my head?

In stillness let me forget you in this dimension
the hands and feet, the body & head
they're not stick and balls on your paper
as you draw those invisible lines on air

Proof. The wind knows the paper can fly
Ink splashed on my body, can it die?

In spaces here and there,
emotions dont go along with topology
in those geometry will that love follow?
as you leave me on moments
dancing alone at the Mobius strip...

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