Sahar Esmaeeplur
Vienna Austria



Sahar Esmaeelpur was born in Tehran in 1979. She started painting when she was a
child. She started working seriously with painting when she was 16 years old.

Sahar began her academic education in Al-Zahra University in Tehran 1999. She received her BFA from  Al-Zahra in July 2003.
She worked with different materials and in different styles untill she found what she was searching for.

She can see trees and human beings as two existences that can reflect each other and can be very similar.
"For me, trees are symbols of humans around me and mostly women who have grown up from the earth."

The photo series "As Tall as the Trees" is actually based on her past and will be a beginning for some
changes in her new work.

"We change as all of nature changes but our soul is still the same and it is the main source of all that
we create."  Sahar Esmaeelpur

Sahar Esmaeeplur
Persian Artist, Vienna Austria - enter