Frank Seidl, Artist
Seidl Studios
Minneapolis Minnesota USA

Born St. Paul Minnesota USA

Resident West St. Paul Minnesota USA

Grade School St Michaels West St. Paul

High School Maryknoll Junior Seminary Missouri USA, Hill High School St. Paul Minnesota, Sibley High School West St. Paul Minnesota

College Minneapolis College of Art and Design BFA, Minneapolis Minnesota USA

Military Service United States Marine Corps San Diego California USA

Profession Artist and Owner Seidl Studios Minneapolis Minnesota

Fine Art, Sales and Administration

Family History

Art Seidl, Great Grandfather Germany/West St. Paul USA 1893
In Germany my Great Grandfather was a professional in the Military, the Kaiser's wife's Honor Guard. In West St. Paul He was a Carpenter

Frank A. Seidl, Grandfather Germany/West St. Paul Minnesota
My  Grandfather was brought to the USA when he was  3 years old. He worked as a Marble Cutter for Drake Marble St. Paul and retired from there.
For a period of time he was the only crafstman that could cut round column marble in the Twin Cities. This  included items such as bathtubs, sinks, a variety of things.
He cut the marble for St Paul's The Vision of Peace statue (Indian God of Peace) in the three-story memorial concourse lobby along the Fourth Street entrance of the Saint Paul City Hall and Ramsey County. ( no connection between Native American Spirituality, Sculpture by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles)

Pauline Heidenrick Grandmother Germany/West St Paul
My Grandmother was a natural Artist, Music, Visual Arts and other Area's of the Arts.

Edward Horngren, Grandfather St. Paul Minnesota USA/Atlanta Georgia originally from Duluth Minnesota. He sold old and managed  womens fashions (9 Southern States) and was multimillionaire

Louis Capra Grandfather Italy/St. Paul Minnesota USA Louie Capra was my mothers Stepfather. Brought to the US at 3 years old, It was rumoured that was from Sicily.
Hw was responsible for a variety of things in St paul. Louie Capra was contact man for the St. Paul Mafia 20's and 30's, family head and answered to Chicago. He and partner of his started Brown and White Cab Company, St. Paul's first Cab Company with one car and 2 drivers. He owned 2 bars in Downtown St Paul. One of these was the Castle Royal, cave bar and restaurant. This was his place of meeting for the Mafia from East Coast to West Coast.
Besides being Family Head he served as contact to The East Coasts Mafia New York to Chicago and was well known in those circles. My Mother, Jeanne Capra at that time waitressed the Castle Royal and marked 14. Louie Capra was a relative of Frankie capra, Producer. Louie Capra died a cook at John Valtas Bar and Restaurant on west 7th Street in St Paul Minnesota

Frank P Seidl, Father West St. Paul Minnesota USA
My father origianlly worked for the St Paul brick yard. From there he moved to forman and supervisor for Plastics Inc St Paul. He retired as an employee for the West St Paul Street Department.
Working for Plastics Inc he Invented 2 color plastic molding, hot retention steak plates and dust free white plastic toilet seats.
Jeanne  Seidl Mother (maiden names Horngren and Capra) Waitress and Housewife.
My father and mother were near millionaires through investment.

Ardeth Preston Duluth/ St. Paul Minnesota USA
Housewife Married and Divorced to Edward Horngren
Married Louis Capra St Paul Minnesota. Married Henry Shullo Hudson Wisconsin